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In a land registry in Turkey you will receive a certificate, called Tapu. The Tapu is the proof of ownership for your property. Before you purchase a property Albatross checks whether there are mortgages or other problems on the property.

This Tapu shows that a single person or a group of persons, is the owner of land whose boundaries are defined.

This Tapu shows that a single person or group of persons, owns a piece of land with unfinished buildings.

This Tapu shows that a single person or a group of persons, is the owner of a property with finished building.

Since 2004, all real estate brokers must undergo a license through a training and a formal examination at the Chamber of Commerce responsible for real estate agents. Ask for the certification of the real estate agent. This will guarantees a professional real estate company that operates according to the Turkish legal system. In order for the purchase of a property to take place without problems. Also you can benefit from the after-sale solutions partner for the purchase of the property.
In Turkey, anyone can sell a property, whether you are a hairdresser, carpet dealer or gardener. Bodrum Albatross is registered as a real estate company at the Chamber of Commerce in Bodrum.
If you want to live and work as foreign nationals in Turkey, you can apply for a residence permit.
The following documents are required for the residence permit:
- 4 passport photos
- Passport
- Proof of a monthly income of $ 300
- Optional if you want to get a permit for work purposes, this must be requested from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
Vehicles can be introduced according to the duration of your visa 180 days. This insurance card must be valid for this period. The vehicle must be exported after.
On arrival in Turkey the following documents are needed:
- Passport
- Licence & vehicle registration
- Insurance card (for all of Turkey)

A residence permit is required for the purchase and registration of a motor vehicle in Turkey. In addition, foreign citizens get a special licence plate with MA. Foreigners do not need a Turkish driver's license.

The power supply can be registered at the local energy provider Aydem. For the first filing a deposit of about 150 TL is necessary.
The water is registered with the municipality and is charged according to usage. 
The electricity and water bills can be paid directly at the bank. Or if a bank account exists choose a direct debit.
The services such as internet, phone and mobile phone are possible on contract with a phone company of your choice, as in Europe. It is important to compare the operator, and prices, prior to supply.
To complete a contract of said points is necessary for a resident .

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