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Gundogan offers mild temperatures year round

This settlement was called in Ancient Greek times as Farilya, which was changed to its new name Gundogan in 1961, meaning sun rise. Initially built by Romans in 353BC with the name Vera. Then moved to current location 900 years ago due to pirate invasions.

Now, known for its quietness, seas and beaches… This settlement is 20km away from Bodrum Town, 7km from Yalikavak & 48 kms from Milas Bodrum Airport. According to the census of 2013 the population is 6460 but rising to over 100000’s. The main attraction being the boat trip from Gundogan to Rabbit Island which houses the Apostal church built in 2BC which has been under the protection of Ottaman’s since 1523 and now Turkish Republic.

All the beaches around its bays are awarded with a blue flag for its cleanliness. There are different sizes of bays with stunning views and beaches in which you can enjoy the sunshine, water sports and many more activities. It has sandy beaches and sandy seas which you can enjoy at the public or privately run establishments offering varying services. Also there is a small harbour where fisherman dock with their catch of fresh daily fish available for the local restaurants and public. Locals earn their living from fishing, tourism & working for local businesses.

Every Wednesday the local fruit and vegetable market with other items are set out in the town centre for which you can buy your needs. If you need other shopping or night life then you need to travel to Bodrum. This settlement also offers a wide range of accomodation from guest houses, Boutique Motels and hotels. It is a very popular destination for locals as well as foreign visitors.

This settlement offers a wide range of investment opportunuties from which you can buy new or existing properties to your desire.

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