green and blue

The small village Yaliciftik

The best beaches of Bodrum peninsula are situated at Yaliciftlik. It is covered in pine trees, with a distance of 10 kms from Bodrum town and 34 kms from the Milas-Bodrum airport. Population according to census of 2013 is 4250 which also includes Ciftlikkoy district. During the summer months the numbers swell up to more than 50000 visitors. Both the coastal areas and seas are awarded with a blue flag.

Seasonal holiday makers enjoy Hotels with 5 stars to Holiday Estates and Motels to Guest Houses (Pansiyon). You can also utilize the private and public beaches and enjoy water sports, surfing and diving to your hearts content. It is also popular with the boat trips arriving from other settlements of the peninsula. Nature of the bays with high hills from sea level with pine trees are also a very big attraction for walkers and trekkers. Where as some areas are not windy at all other bays are subject to high winds which cools the hot wheather. You will reach to Ciftlikkoy after 4 kms from Yaliciftlik. The locals main occupation is honey from pine trees, figs, olives and olive oil as well as tourism. Locals also supplement their income with husbandry of cattle. They also supplement their income with serving breakfast’s and charcoal bbq restaurants. Also you can reach the ancient ruins of Syangela after the olive fields.

Properties with large gardens with farm houses offer different alternatives to the buyers with a quiet village like existance.

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