Sand and beach

Sandy beach with crystal clear water in Akyarlar

This area used to be and is still full of black fig trees thus the name... Karaincir. This settlements is 16 kms away from Bodrum with half a km long beach. Akyarlar and Karaincir are two settlements side by side on the hills of the peninsula with breath taking views all the way to the bay. During the summer months its main visitors are from Turkish towns & cities as well as some from foreign visitors who are interested in water sports. Again this settlement has motels,hotels and guest houses available for everyones purse. Also there are rental properties to suit as well as guest houses. After the busy months of the summer the winter months are very quiet with very little population living in the settlement.

Prices for the properties are also quite reasonable It’s an ideal investment place to buy for summer vacations.

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