Investment in Turkey

developing economy

Stability and economic growth

There are new business opportunities and facilities in many sectors in Turkey. Indicators in Turkey’s economy show this is the right place in all developing countries for investment. There are many areas to choose from for your individual or corporate needs, in short, medium or long-term investment. Tourism in Turkey is important with its potential and popularity increasing every year. Prices are significantly low compared to many countries such as Portugal, Spain and France. The effect of the exchange rate has helped make serious investment in the tourism and housing sectors in Turkey. This area has whet the appetite of many investors with the effect of steady growth. In Turkey the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) reached 820 billion dollars in 2013 from 231 billion dollars in 2002. Acceleration in growth experienced in the last 10 years continues to increase by increasing revenue from tourism. Turkey’s location is also of strategic importance. The area so-called the Silk Road is both a major trading centre and a cultural and historical richness which hosts different religions, cultures and races. The competitive investment conditions established by law in Turkey provide equal conditions to all investments in the region. Now is the right time to invest in Turkey.

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