Village taste

Mumcular is a rural area

They are two districts side by side which are separated by their activities. Mumcular has large fields for agriculture and the distance from Bodrum is 31 kms and 28 kms to the Milas-Bodrum airport. According to the 2013 census Mumcular has a population of 3470 and the locals are mainly working in agriculture and animal husbandry. This area is also called by locals as “Karaova” (meaning dark lowlands) as the famers used to produce pine honey and candle wax to produce candles. The main produce of the farmers in this area is olives and olive oils also incomes are supplemented by weaving mills which are quite famous in Turkey and Europe. Both local and foreign visitors frequently visit these mills by day trips and also breakfast bars in which they taste olives and olive products.

Surrounding rivers of different sizes fill the Mumcular Dam and not only serves the fields but also supplies the need of water for Bodrum peninsula.

After the turn off for Mumcular, as you go towards Bodrum town you will come across to Guvercinlik with a population of 1345 which is a small fishing village. Throughout the way to Guvercinlik there are lots of bays with touristic hotels,motels and housing eastates which are available to the holiday makers. Mainly prefered by the Turkish holiday makers for scenery, coastal areas with clean waters. This is also due to moving fish farms from this area which resulted in clean waters.

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