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After acceptance of the portfolio of properties and characteristics our processing continues. We will also take photographs and make videos of your real estate. You can clearly follow your real estate in the publication stage.
With our expertise you feel the difference we make in all areas and the results will demonstrate this. Here you will see the evidence of how we differ from the rest. Active social networks and various advertising activities are in our sales and marketing methods. Our company engages in self promotion, on many platforms, every year by increasing advertising budgets. Our company’s web network has the widest, most effective web preference in the Bodrum peninsula. You can follow our publications on facebook, twitter and google+. As you know, numbers of customers following Bodrum Albatross continues to grow. Our advertising work includes written and visual media, aircraft companies and google search engine, located on the first line of our website. Bodrum Albatross’s marketing techniques and strategies are unique. Our goal is to convey your real estate portfolios in the Bodrum peninsula to buyers in the world market.

It is inevitable with Bodrum Albatross that you will feel confident both before and after sales. Clarity and transparency in the process will be treated with confidence. For Bodrum Albatross, marketing your property within the framework of the law depends on absolute trust and ethical values. We deliver real estate portfolios in domestic and foreign markets to a wide audience with the awareness of responsibility and equipped networks. Albatross has captured the momentum in the target in mid-term corresponding to the value in the real estate market in Bodrum.

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