Ortakent Yahsi

quiet and spacious

Ortakent and Yahsi offers the natural scent of citrus gardens

Ortakent and Yahsi are two different settlements side by side. Ortakent is in the lowlands with orange trees and large gardens and Yahsi is on the hills which have sea views, both offering different life choices to the visitors.

This is the settlement with the longest sea front with a blue flag in Bodrum peninsula and the most desired beaches by all the travellers to the peninsula. According to 2013 census the population is 7950 and again swells in numbers with the spring, summer and early autumn. Long beaches are ideal for long walks any time in the day but especially mornings and nights.

Surrounding bays offer a varying range of properties from boutique hotels to large hotels and guest houses. Also rented accomadation is available in villas or apartments which are fully furnished.

This area is very popular for the water sports aswell. These two settlements offer large properties for people to have an isolated, private life style. Night life is virtually none existant which attracts people for a quiet and serine life style and still is to date.

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